Together we can

Future-proof our world for generations to come

The challenges we face today are complex. They require collective action across all levels of society - in our personal and professional lives, and at the societal and national scale too.

As a Leader of Change, you will master the issues and co-create solutions alongside the UAE’s brightest minds. You will volunteer for nature, in nature, with your community as well as your loved ones.

Together, we will drive transformative impact at scale across the UAE and beyond.

How it works


Master the issues. Make a bigger impact.

Cultivate your skills with expert-led training courses and certification.


Lead the conversation. Co-create solutions.

Co-create the blueprint for sustainable development with our community of changemakers.


Walk the talk. Volunteer for nature.

Participate in unique activities and work alongside our conservation experts on exclusive once-in-a-lifetime field trips.

How we are making an impact

Every activity in this programme contributes directly to environmental conservation in the UAE.

Protect and restore nature

Our goal is bigger than helping nature survive. We are restoring urban and wild spaces to make sure that animals and plants thrive.

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Map our biodiversity

Good data can lead to great conservation impacts. We collect information about animals and plants that live in this part of the world to inform national policies and deepen global scientific knowledge.

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Change human behaviour

We are on a mission to put the ‘good’ back into the ‘good life.’ We share science-based advice on how people can change their behaviours to boost the quality of their own life and save the planet at the same time.

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Reimagine our world

To innovate is to be human. With some smart planning, many of the environmental challenges we face today can be averted or eliminated altogether.

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Explore our missions

Take part in as many missions as you can and help build a world where people and nature thrive.

Notice nature

Get to know your neighbours. It’s great for environmental science!

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Protect our pollinators

Bees and other insects around us are the foundation of our food system. They need our help.

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Lead the change

Set an example for all those around you.

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Lose the litter

It’s time to clean up our mess, right from the source.

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Become a Leader of Change

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About Emirates Nature-WWF

The health of nature and humanity are closely intertwined – and both are at stake.

Emirates Nature-WWF created Leaders of Change to empower people across the UAE to make a bigger and better impact for nature with every action they take.

We aspire to drive transformative impact at every echelon of society, by embedding conservation and sustainability into the DNA of every student, individual, organisation, corporation and government entity.

With over twenty years of conservation experience, working alongside amazing partners locally, regionally and internationally, we are uniquely placed to nurture this community of changemakers, connect them with influential decision makers, and inspire the next generation of consumers, leaders and innovators to live sustainably.

We are on a mission to make the biggest possible impact for our environment. Together, we can.

Our Partners

With the support of our partners, we work towards a sustainable future for ourselves and generations to come.

Our Partners

Our impact

20 Years of impact in the UAE

Emirates Nature-WWF Celebrates 20 proud years of working with our partners to build a society where people and nature thrive


Earth Hour

Raised awareness for nature since 2008!

In 2020, we reached 3 million people and saw monuments including the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Louvre Abu Dhabi switch-off during the Hour



UAE Climate Change Plan 2050

Provided technical expertise to support the 2050 UAE National Climate Change Plan

Marine Habitat
Marine Habitat Map

783 km2 of coastal and marine habitats mapped to identify areas that require official protection across the Northern Emirates of the UAE

Circular Economy
Circular Economy

Convened a plastics packaging recovery committee and implemented a plastic circular economy proof of concept

Wadi Wurayah National Park
Wadi Wurayah National Park

10-year legacy which included restoration and management of Wadi Wurayah as a national park in close partnership with Fujairah Municipality

Ecological Footprint
Ecological Footprint Initiative (EFI)

Launched a federal indoor lightning standard that promotes energy-efficient lighting, and reduces energy consumption, carbon emissions and associated costs

Connect with Nature
Connect with Nature

Engaged with over 10,000 UAE youth through 225+ events

  • 12,245 hours spent connecting with nature

Positively influenced the way 86% of youth participants prioritise and value nature

Conserving Fresh Water
Conserving Fresh Water at Wadi Shees

Restored a traditional falaj to enhance fresh water access for agriculture and biodiversity

Trained 100% of farmers in sustainable farming practices and achieved 30% water savings