Enabling Sustainability: How to introduce Circular Economy Models in Businesses

Learn how to introduce and create circular economy models in businesses. Featuring "Green Footprint" - a crowd-sourcing platform for promoting sustainable practices, funded by the UAE Government

Sustainable business models are a popular topic of discourse these days. But how can such models be brought to life business frameworks governed by bottom lines? 

Join us in this IDEATE session as we take a deep dive into understanding how to introduce circular economy models in businesses all while increasing efficiency at all stages of the product economy.

We will be joined by 

Jelena Lefavrais, founder of a crowd-sourcing platform, funded by the UAE Government, for promoting and growing sustainable practices, called GreenFootprint.ae.

Session Overview

  • Overview of the circular economy
  • How can circular economy be the solution to limit the environmental impact caused by resource wastage
  • How is circular economy increasing efficiency at all stages of the product economy
  • Guest speaker Jelena Lefavrais' journey to start the “GreenFootprint” initiative and the challenges she faced
  • GreenFootprint's market analysis and facts related to single use plastic
  • Case Study - GreenFootprint's services and solutions for circular eco-systems

Why should you join the session?

  • Learn how to become conscious consumers, shop sustainably and impact consumer behaviour 
  • Learn how to implement sustainable business practices at different stages of a business-life cycle
  • Understand how you can start living greener and contribute to the green footprint of the UAE
  • Support the UAE's goal of achieving Net Zero and building a Nature-Postive Nation by 2050
  • Get the support you need to start spreading awareness about positive and environment-friendly behaviours 

When and where is the session taking place?

This session is virtual and will take place on Thursday, 28th April from 4 PM to 5 PM.

Who can participate?

This session is free to attend and hence is open to everyone.

Date & Time
Thursday, 28 April 2022 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM
Closed event
Ratings & Reviews

1 Review

Jelena, the speaker for this session, was very well-informed and was able to share great insight not only into her own practices around the topic, but also the wider context of the circular economy and where the UAE is situated in this regard.


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